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About Us


Lovelogo was created as a domain name marketplace where quality domains could be bought instantly thus removing the hassle of bidding in auctions or haggling with domain owners. A marketplace that contains a wide selection of domains with free logos at a price suitable for all, a place where ideas can be born, brands could begin and companies begun.....that is what we want Lovelogo to be known for.

See it, Like it, Buy it

Lovelogo cuts out the sometime erratic nature of domain auction buying and lengthy offer/counter offer negotiations by offering the simplicity of SEE IT, LIKE IT, BUY IT. See our products, get to like a certain one and purchase it straight away and by working exclusively with the Go Daddy registrar(the world's largest) purchases are usually transferred to your account within 24 hours. Quick and easy.


The domains we sell are from our own private stock which gives us a degree of quality control.We generally only sell domains that we ourselves would use and while we do believe in the value of local and other domain name extensions, we only sell dot coms because dot com is king: it is instantly known by the user, it gives the domain a global presence, it helps in brand recognition, awareness and protection, renewal rates are low compared with others and it is the one recognized by nearly every internet user worldwide. Do they know about dot aero, dot tel, dot pw, dot cm? Probably not. We have been in this business for over 10 years and even we are surprised at some of the extensions out there. All these extensions tend to make dot com even stronger.


All our logos are free and once purchased with the domain become the property of the buyer.The majority of our logos are made in house by our design team in the UK although some are created by our stable of freelance artists that we work with on a regular basis.All our logos are original unless otherwise stated and come in a .PSD and JPEG format that are ideal for usage on websites.


...overall Lovelogo is just a different option in the world of domain purchasing, a website that offers a great range of dot coms with some amazing logos(some not so amazing) in a quick, easy and secure transaction.We describe our domains honestly and we do not add any false numbers or stats. It's just a place where you can buy without the worry of getting outbid by moneybag bidders, fake bidders, zero feedback bidders or auction snipers. See it, Like it, Buy it.